• New Mistral City (Daytime)
  • BBQ Bay (Daytime)
  • Icaria (Daytime)
  • Stoneholm (Daytime)
  • Terrorvale (Daytime)
  • Skyhold (Daytime)

Welcome to the Mistral City Roleplay Wiki!Edit

Welcome to the Mistral City Roleplay Wiki! My name is Flex, and this server is more or less dead. I've been making some small edits for the purpose of maintaining this wiki as a place to remember about 3 years of active role-play. Below is the old welcome message that I have italicised and saved for memories sake. Sort of weird thinking it was typed almost 4 years ago! (at the time of me writing this, at least.)

 I'm Flex, and I own this wiki with AdmiralPenguin, Android_Data35, and Stawaz. Mistral City is a Minecraft server that has been running strong since July of 2011. On the server, our usernames can be indentified by: Flex654, Harvey_J, Android_Data35 and Stawaz. Our in character names are: Skylord_Flex, Skylord_Varius, [Insert Android's Character Name Here] and Kaiden Antioch. We hope you enjoy your stay, and learn a little bit more about our server! Sincerely, Flex654 22:39, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

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